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Thanks to the convenience of our online file transfer system, there's no need to make trips to our store simply to deliver your file. Instead, you can easily send the file directly from your computer to ours in minutes.

Simply fill out the form below, attach your file and click Send. We will reply with an e-mail confirming we've received your file. It's easy and it saves you valuable time.

Your file(s) will transfer faster and more securely if you first "Zip" them (PC) or "Stuff" them (Mac). When sending multiple files, large files, or even smaller files, this step can save you many minutes of transfer time and add a layer of protection.

Click the "Browse" button below to select a file on your computer. Then click the "Send Now - Simple" button to transfer your file to us. Please "Zip" or "Stuff" the file to compress it before sending. If you do not have Zip or Stuffit compression software, click the "compress" link next to the Browse button for additional information.

OPTIONAL: Only use the extra browse buttons below if you have multiple files and can't "Zip" or "Stuff" them.
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