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  • Booklets/Catalogs/Souvenirs - Digital Grayscale(BW)

    Perfect for Magazines, Programs, Souvenirs, Catalogs and Newsletters. Booklets are a compact and professional way to showcase your information and market your products or services. Highest quality Grayscale (Black & White) Copies printed on latest Digital Copiers. A good selection of laser and gloss papers makes the Grayscale Tints and Blacks reproduce with very pleasing results from your digital files. Add a Full Colored Cover and you have a very impressive booklet, catalog, newsletter, program or presentation. You can submit your digital files created in any of your desktop publishing programs.

    Paper Options: TEXT WEIGHTS: 20# Text Bright White, 20# Colored Paper, 24# Bright Colored Paper, 24# Hammermill Laser Text-White, 28# Hammermill Laser Text-White, 32# Hammermill Laser Text-White, 70# & 100# Gloss Text. COVER WEIGHTS: Light and Bright Colored Cardstock, 80# & 100# Gloss Cover, 80# & 100# Uncoated Covers. Available Paper Choices will depend on the number of pages in the Booklet.

    BLEEDS - Printing to the Edge of the Paper : No Printing Equipment prints to the edge of the paper. Prints with Bleeds are printed on a larger sheet size and cut to the required size. Please select Finishing (Trim White Borders) if bleeds are needed. Otherwise there will be WHITE BORDERS at the edges.

    Perforated Pages - Tear-Out Pages : Employee Manuals, Home Health Care Admissions Booklet and such which may need tear out perforated signature pages is available. Please select "Perforated Pages" and specify Front & Back page numbers of each perforated page.

    Production Time: Standard Production for most booklet jobs is 72 hours & up (3 business days), depending on the quantity required. If you require faster service, please choose RUSH Service & mention it in notes You may also call us to confirm. We will gladly work with you.

    Note: Please save as pdf from your desktop program and submit files. You can also save as jpg or png and submit files (save in 300 dpi resolution). If submitting files in original format (WORD, Publisher, Powerpoint, Indesign, Illustrator etc.) please include fonts used in file.

    Delivery/Shipping: Free Local Delivery/Shipping on all orders $150 & over. Shipping time Depends on Carriers. Express or Same Day Delivery AFTER JOB IS READY is available for an additional charge.

    For Lowest Price - Choose 20# Text Bright White Paper

    For Ease of Use - Start filling the Order Form at the top - make your selections as you move down.

    If you require ordering assistance, please call J.R. @ 832-819-4359 and ask for help with online ordering.

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  • Finishing (Trim White Borders) 
  • Please Select this if Print is to the Edge of Paper. Otherwise there will be WHITE BORDERS at the edges.
  • Please Explain what you need done in Notes. Once you complete checkout, we will fix it and print or send you a proof if needed. If it requires extensive work we will quote you the charges. Please include a contact number.
  • Once you complete checkout, we will look at it do what needs to be done and print. If it requires extensive work we will quote you the charges. Please include a contact number.

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