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...And So Begins the Holiday Season...

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Now that Halloween is behind us, retail shops are clearing out their remaining stock of costumes, candy, ghosts and goblins, and quickly swapping in snowflakes, Santas, ornaments and pine trees. There is no longer a "rest period" between the fall and winter celebrations.  Along with all that, most of us get to earn an extra hour of sleep as we "Fall Back" to daylight savings time...

Are you ready for the busiest time of the year?  A few items worth thinking about might include:
- Holiday Dinner Recipes
- Travel Plans
- Gift Ideas
- Cold Weather Gear
- Snow Removal Materials (shovels, ice removal, etc.)
- Fireplace Wood

Are we forgetting anything?

From Us to You and Yours...

Bright Happy Time
The end-of-year holidays are here at last,
 That bright, happy time when we have a blast!
 Our wish when your new year has finally begun:
 That you look back at months full of pleasure and fun.
Happy Holidays!