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Let us help you safely send your files to us PRINT READY.

 Your job is important. Why risk potential file damage or miss-delivery by attaching your files to virus and tamper prone email? We have a safer, more secure way that avoids these problems. It's our Office Solutions print driver. It's free and guarantees your files safely arrive in our shop looking exactly as you intended. Plus you see an immediate proof. That means no waiting, no guesswork, and no worry. Best of all, it uses the software you used to create the file (i.e. Word, PageMaker, Publisher, etc.). It's easy.

 Within your program simply select the File menu’s Print option. (You already do this when you print a copy on your inkjet or laser printer). Simply change the printer to the one named "OfficeSolutions" and click OK or Print. That's it! No need to start-up email. Your file and job requirements will be safely sent to us. Ready? Follow the simple instructions below.

Step 1.

Download Print Driver

Step 2.

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