!! Important Information !!

Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) and Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) have been informed of a scam involving attempted wire fraud.
Scammers impersonating OCE staff are calling and/or emailing OCE customers, claiming to represent OCE to collect on invoices.
Customers are given fraudulent bank account and routing information to send payments.

OCE is currently reaching out to notify its customers. At this time, six entities have been impacted. No personal information has been compromised.
Contact OCE with questions or to report fraudulent contact by emailing PIO@oce.oregon.gov.



Welcome to the OCE Print Shop online order page.

Questions? Are you a first time visitor? To place an order just scroll down this page and follow the steps described. If you have any questions please call one of our friendly printing sales staff at 503-373-0148 between 7:00 AM & 3:30 PM. Also, you may e-mail questions to the OCE Print Shop.


We are in the middle of an unprecedented supply chain crisis, causing major shortages
and cost increases nationwide. Please click here to see our memorandum for further details.

Placing an order is a simple process...

Web FormFrom the OCE Online Ordering Web Site, MyOrderDesk, you can enter and create your own agency's stationary from templates. Business Cards, Letter-head and Envelope information can all be filled out in simple form fields that in turn become the actual proof for your order, in PDF format, which you approve online! No more typeset errors or misinterpretations from hand written or faxed orders. What you see is what you'll get. No more wondering if your order was received because you can view it in the history from your "My Jobs" page. Additionally, you may re-order any job you have previously placed in the past 24 months with the click of a button and avoid re-entering all the information again! Please continue with the steps below to begin the process of signing up your location for access. This site is intended to be used by agency purchasers and office personnel that will handle ordering for an entire unit or units. Single one-time orders, like business cards, should be submitted to such a person at your location for entering online. Logins are issued to an entire agency location and shared by all departments and cost centers within.

Step Step One

E-mail RequestSend us an e-mail stating that you wish to sign up for OCE Print Shop services. Provide your agency name, your name, title, direct phone number + ext., fax number, division name, shipping and billing addresses + room or suite in that e-mail. Please be accurate and complete - this will become your default billing address information. Your agency may have a purchasing approval process or require that you have purchasing authority for ordering stationary online. Secondary approval can be done online. MyOrderDesk does not require that you submit any internal purchasing documents or an approving authority signature. A job ID number will be provided for each order. However, you may enter your own number into a customer reference/description field.

Step Step Two

Customer InfoThe contact information you provided in Step 1 will be used to create your location's login profile and within about 24 hours you will receive an e-mail with access login & password. You may allow others in your unit to log in as well. They just need to enter the ordering person's name and phone number in comments. In some cases, a generic e-mail address may be issued to accommodate many users. Your location's contact information will be auto filled into your orders so you do not have to re-enter it on every order! Soon you will be on your way to speedy, easy, print ordering! Orders that do not conform to an online template will need to be submitted by e-mail, mail, or fax. Your agency may require an approval of "non-standard" stationary as well. New non-standard and non-contract state agency orders will need to be submitted to DAS Publishing and Distribution for approval and processing if needed.

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