At Dyer Brown, our environmental graphic design team developed our own signage and graphics in
response to COVID-19. As designers, we felt strongly about designing our own approach that uses
thoughtful color and typography choices that ensure the signage and graphics stand out without
causing additional anxiety. Signage and graphics are a cost-effective way to share rules and
guidelines that play a critical role in establishing a safe work environment.

We created a system of signage types, ranging from directional arrows to distance reference
graphics, that each have a unique look. Our team is happy to work with you if you need assistance
with making a selection that works best for your company and work space. In addition to these
options here, we can also work with clients to develop custom, on-brand solutions that reference
their brand identity colors, typography, and other brand elements.

While we share information on best practices for installation to reinforce social distancing, we
are also available to provide a fee proposal to develop a signage and graphics location plan and
determine the sign quantities for your space.

Please reach out to Dyer Brown's Creative Services Studio, at
if you have any questions or would like additional information.





Note: COVID-19 is new and nobody has definitive answers on the spread of the virus or how to prepare offices for the return to work.
Dyer Brown Architects can assist based on the currently available information, but we cannot guarantee that the solutions will be protective
or that the available information will not change. If you would like to obtain advice specific to your facility or go beyond these guidelines, then
you may engage an industrial hygienist or health and safety consultant to determine the appropriate standards for your facility. The suggested entry
and exit paths are for normal day use. However, in the event of an emergency, please follow emergency exit signs to the closest exit doors
or exit stair to evacuate the building. The physical distance clearances that Dyer Brown Architects are showing on the plan are based on the
guidelines provided by the Governor’s Office in the State of Massachusetts at this time. Please refer to the CDC, OSHA, state and local government’s
COVID-19 documents for additional guidance.