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    Below are some important Tabs you can check out!

  • Tom here ... Take a look at each "Tab" above for "Cost Savings" and the best way to place your Color Printing Order!

    Normal sheet size is 8.5 x 11 but take a look at what is on your printed page ...

    Can your information fit on a smaller sheet size? Could it be a note slipped into an envelope? Stapled to the corner of a letter? Or just handed out? Maybe you can fit it all on a 1/2 size sheet like 5.5 x 8.5? This way you can get 2 sheets printed out of one 8.5 x 11 sheet - Twice the amount for less money!
    Here is the best one of all! - The more you buy the more you save, but don't waste!

    Let's say your printing a Brochure... Is it newly created?
    Only order a few to start with, test it out. You can make changes before you print the amount you need.

    Are there other items you need to print? Order more at the same time...
    Check the price for the Quantity you need, then add more pages (originals) to the order... See the savings!

    Use this tip when you can!
    This one is important to get the best results!

    If you need your image to 'bleed' off the edge of the paper so no white is showing ... We Need Crop Marks! (If you have them we are ALL SET)

    Most PDF images we get come in with a full bleed around the page, but only showing 8.5 x 11 or the finished size.

    3 options:
    1 -
    We will Reduce the image size to have a 3/16 white boarder around the page, this is the most economical and fast way to solve the problem if your not able to supply crop marks or extra image to cut off, but Hey, this saves you the extra cost for image bleed! See pricing with and with out bleed.

    2 - We will enlarge your image by 3/16 and then trim that off and you are all set! HOWEVER you will loose that area in your final printed piece. That means ... your boarder will be smaller and your text and info that you need will be cut off! So on your PDF image supplied, just add some more 'margin' or 'room' around the page so we can cut off that excess area when printed. :-)
    If you have your document all finished but need to add the area? Just add 1/4 inch to your page size --- 8.5 x 11 will become 8.75 x 11.25 - (Watch your program, some just enlarge your image,this will not work, see Option 3) Then just extend your color or image to fill the extra space, but NOT YOUR TEXT, leave that alone. When we get your PDF file, we will cut off that extra area and you will be left with a nice looking piece!

    3 - SET YOUR MARGINS! 1/4 to 3/16 should work but 1/4 is best... then just move all your information on your page to fit inside that area, when we print, we will trim off the extra bleed and your finished image will be closer to the edge of the paper and look just nice.
    Paper --- Ahhh the Icing on the Cake I like to say...

    Standard Bond - Just need color to make your presentation, but keep it the most economical? Choose Standard Bond copy paper. This is good for 'get your point across' printing. Charts, graphs, etc.

    Cougar 70# - This is our 'standard' when it comes to color printing - presents a nice white look and a nice 'weight' to the feel. Better then Standard Bond for a nice look! Good for multi page Spiral bound documents as an example.

    Enamel Text - Another upgrade to a nice semigloss sheet, I call it like a magazine paper look but ours is 'heavier' in weight and feel to make it a nice choice for a tri-fold brochure when printed!

    We have a wide range of other paper choices here at the shop to fit your needs - stop by to check them out!
    That's a Cost Savings Question!

    I thought about how our shop prints everything fast. But maybe this time your job might not need a fast turn around. So I came up with passing a discount to the customer where extra print time will save you money!

    "Same Day" Printing, depending on quantity, is 2 to 6 hours production time needed.

    NOTE: On larger quantities of 2,500 or more and needing it the same day, we are able to print some up and let you get started with your job as we print the rest of the order, just let us know your needs.

  • 50 copies minimum order!
    Please increase your Quantity needed.

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    can not print 2 sided!
    (2 Pages print on 1 sheet)


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  • Bleed Not Available on Bond!
    Choose "Cougar" or "Enamel"

  • Give us a call on this one!
    We may be able to do better on the pricing.

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