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  • Instructions:

    1. Upload your file. If your file is larger than a few megabytes, you may want to compress it before uploading to save time. If you get an "Image Not Available" message after clicking Refresh, click "View PDF Proof" instead.
    2. If you want business card slits, choose which pocket(s) you would like them on by selecting the Business Card Slits option in the drop-down menus to the right.
    3. Click the Refresh button to update the preview (it may take a few seconds for the preview image to update), or click the View PDF Proof button to view a higher quality proof in PDF format.
    4. Any artwork going to the trim (pink line) must extend all the way to the edge of the bleed area (green line).
    5. Any artwork that does not go all the way to the trim (pink line) should be inside the blue line.

    *Please note, this template is for checking the layout only. All graphics should use the CMYK color space, and raster images should be at least 300 dpi. Our prepress department will check your file for any other issues and contact you before printing if necessary.

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