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Welcome to Miami U-Print

...the Print Center’s "virtual drive-thru window" for digital printing, and ordering flat (not raised letters) business cards. Miami U-Print is designed to make printing from your desktop computer easier via the internet. Color or black and white digital printing is as easy as surfing the ’net!

Explore our services through the Products & Services, Resources & Support, and Company Info buttons at the left. You do not need to register to browse these areas. You’ll find design ideas, answers to many software questions and other useful information to make using Miami U-Print a valuable addition to your desktop.

If you already have an account and want to place business card orders, please call 529-6065 for a business card upgrade.

FIRST TIME VISITORS click here or scroll down to register for a free account on Miami U-Print. **Please DO NOT use your MUNet Password for Miami U-Print.** The three step registration process below will walk you through downloading the two small applications as well as set up your customer profile.

The Print Center staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about Miami U-Print. You may call 529-6065 or email your question to

Thanks for choosing Miami U-Print and the Print Center as your digital printing provider!

First Time Visitors

Let us help you safely send your files to us PRINT READY by following the simple instructions below to become a Miami U-Print user.

Step 1. Print Driver Download

The print driver is required to send print ready files to the Print Center. It is not needed for ordering business cards. By not downloading the print driver you are missing out on an easy way to send print ready files to the Print Center.

Download Print Driver

  • See Printing Instructions after Step 3.

Step 2. Account Information

Fill in all the fields with a red asterisk (*) in the Contact Information. These required fields contain information the Print Center needs about you for the job ticket when you send an order. The remaining fields may be left blank.

Certain fields need an explanation about to what to enter since the field name and information needed is not obvious.
  • In the field "Organization Name" enter your department name.
  • In the first "Address" field entry your department office room number and building.
  • In the field "Phone" enter a phone number we can call with questions about your order.
   Enter your Contact Information:

Step 3. Placing Orders

FIRST TIME VISITORS please complete Steps 1 & 2 before placing a printing order.

FIRST TIME VISITORS who are just ordering business cards, please complete Step 2 before placing a business card order then call 529-6065 to have your registration upgraded for business cards. However, by not doing Step 1 you are missing out on an easy way to send print files to the Print Center.

Printing to Miami U-Print

1. From within your application (i.e., Word, PageMaker, etc.), select "Print" from the File menu as you would if you plan to print the document to your local laser printer.

2. Select "Print Center" from the Printer: drop-down list

3. Select the Print Center PPD, if needed.

4. Click the "Print" button or "OK" to begin the printing process. Please wait, this process may take a few seconds.

The LAUNCH! Web Helper will launch your preferred browser and display the Miami University Print Center Sign In web page. First time visitors will be required to create an account. If one has been created proceed to step 5. Click the "Create An Account" button and follow the on-line instructions.

5. After signing in to the Miami U-Print web site with your e-mail address and account password, the Send Files & Orders window will appear.

6. Select "Digital Printing" from the Select a print ticket for this job. drop-down list.

7. The Digital Printing Form page will appear. Under Step 1. Enter Your Digital Printing Information, enter the information as it pertains to your order.

8. Under Step 2. Send your Information, click the "Send" button.

9. A dialog box with a progress bar will appear. The bar will progress to the right as the file is being sent to the server.

10. The web page will display a confirmation message once the order has left your computer. An e-mail notice will be sent notifying you that the print job has been received. The e-mail message will contain a file tracking number and a web link for you to access an Acrobat PDF version of your document for review.

11. Access the web page using the url provided in the confirmation e-mail. Click the "View Proof" button within the Step 1. View 72 dpi Proof section. An Acrobat PDF version of your document will be displayed.

To approve the print job: Click the "Accept Proof" button. The Print Center will be notified that the job has been approved, and is ready to print.

To reject the print job: If there are problems, click "Reject Proof" button and the Print Center will be notified NOT to print that file. Make your changes to your original document and repeat the process to submit the document for printing.