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Posters help spread your message fast. We provide rich, full color and premium materials for maximum impact that fits your budget.

Flyer Product Details

  • Over 20 Paper Stocks to choose from
  • 5 Standard sizes plus the option of custom trimming to size
  • Instead of laminating, try our 10mil synthetic paper!
  • Full color printing on one side or both

Fast Copy Advantage

When you print with Fast Copy, you can expect Fast turnaround times, friendly service, professional quality, and competitive prices. Here are some other advantages to printing with us that you may not know:

10% Discount
In addition to our already low prices, all departments, staff, and faculty get 10% off their Fast Copy purchase. No coupon is required! Your discount is automatically applied when you use your account number. You can also show your CatCard to get the discount if you’re paying out of pocket.

Price Matching & Sales Tax
If you are offered a lower price elsewhere, please allow us the opportunity to match it. Not only can we match their price but also offer you our fast turn-around, service and delivery. Plus, you’ll save an additional 2% because you don’t pay city sales tax at Fast Copy.

Fast Copy is a FedEx Authorized Ship Center, and we offer express, ground, and international shipping services, including next day delivery. We have experience shipping priority documents and can assist you the next time you need something printed and shipped. Save time, hassle, and money and rest assured with FedEx’s guaranteed delivery and tracking services. Fast Copy can print it and ship it for you!

We are not a franchise
Fast Copy is a department of the University of Arizona, and a unit within The Arizona Student Unions, a division of Student Affairs. We are an auxiliary service, which means we do not receive state funds to operate. We generate revenue to cover our operational expenses, and any excess revenue is cycled back into the university economy. Basically, when you print with Fast Copy, you keep it in the family. Thank you for keeping it on campus and printing at Fast Copy!

Paper Options

We can help you find the right paper for your print job.
Click on any of the buttons below for more information and our recommendations

If you're looking for something different than what we carry, in most cases Fast Copy can special order it for you. Additional lead times, minimum quantities, and other limitations apply. Please speak to someone at our Help Desk for more information: (520) 621-5306.


The cost of your print job will depend on a lot of different factors such as size, paper, quantity, quantity, turn-around time, and whether it’s a color or a black & white print job. If you would like to get an estimate on the cost of your print job, please go back and use the estimate request form.

Standard (1-3 business days) & Casual Turnaround (1 week) – “Overnight”

For the best printing rates, select Standard or Casual Turnaround. By allowing us more time to print the order, we’re willing to give you the best rates. The difference between the 2 options is just to communicate the urgency of your order. They have the exact same rates, and we refer to it as "Overnight" pricing.

Priority Turnaround

Select this option to let us know that you absolutely need it tomorrow! If submitted before 5pm, you will receive the same rates as Standard Pricing on your print job. If your job is submitted after 5pm, you will be billed Same Day rates.

Same Day Turnaround – “RUSH”

If you need your job today, select this option. We charge a premium on the printing for same day orders. (premium is not applied to finishing options) If you submit your order after 5pm and need it sometime tomorrow, you will be billed for Same Day Turnaround.

Quantity Breaks

We offer quantity breaks on printing and various finishing rates. In printing, we have price breaks at volumes of 250, 500, 1000, and 5000 pages to name a few.

Department Discounts

University of Arizona departments receive a 10% discount when paying with a UA Financials account number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is Fast Copy?
A. We are located on ground level at the Student Union Memorial Center, 1303 E. University Blvd.

Q. Where can I park?
A. Parking on campus is extremely limited when classes are in session. If you're lucky, there are three 20-minute parking spots on Mountain and 2nd Street. Otherwise, there is pay parking in the 2nd Street Garage across the street.

Q. Can I take the streetcar?
A. Yes! The Student Union is on the SunLink streetcar route! Get off at the Highland stop on 2nd Street and walk a short distance to the Union.

Click here for a map.

Order Form: Color Posters

Job Details


Need advice on which paper is right for your print job?

Brochures typically get printed on lightweight stocks. Look for papers with a gsm rating of less than 150. Best sellers include our 28# White Digital Color Copy and 80# White Gloss Text.

Flyers usually are printed on lightweight paper to save on cost. If printing in color, we recommend our 28# Digital White Color Copy. If you're printing in black, make your flyer stand out with one of our bright colors such as 24# Solar Yellow or pick 24# Re-Entry Red to show school spirit!

Lamination does not work well with coated paper stocks, so stay away from stocks with Gloss in its name. We recommend any of our Digital Color Copy stocks for laminated print jobs.

Postcards need to be on thicker paper. Select a stock with a gsm rating above 150. If your postcards will go through bulk mail, choose a paper with a gsm above 199. Our best sellers are the 100# Digital Color Copy Cover and the 100# Gloss Cover.

Posters can be printed on lightweight or heavyweight paper, however ones on heavier paper tend to last longer. Our best sellers are the 60# Digital Color Copy Cover and the 100# Gloss Text.

Two-Sided Printing can be an issue if the paper is so thin that the backside image can be seen from the front. If your document is all text, you can probably pick any stock you want. But if your document has lots of ink coverage, you'll want to steer away from our 20# bond and 24# Digital. If you want the best quality, we recommend our 28# Digital Color Copy. If you are on a budget, you'll be perfectly satisfied with our 60# Digital Opaque.

Bond, Text, and Writing - lightweight papers

20# White Bond: standard multi-purpose copy paper, 97 bright, 75 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17

60# White Cougar Opaque: official UA stationary paper, 98 bright, 89 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11, 11x17

24# White Digital Color Copy: high quality, smooth finish, 98 bright, 90 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17

28# White Digital Color Copy: high quality, smooth finish, 98 bright, 105 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11, 11x17, 12x18

24# White Thesis Archival Bond: acid-free, 25% cotton, watermarked, 92 bright, 90 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11

24# Brilliant White Classic Crest Writing: high quality, watermarked, 93 bright, 90 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11

20# White 30% Recycled White Bond: 30% PCF content, 92 bright, 75 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11, 11x17

28# White 100% Recycled White Bond: 100% PCF content, 96 bright, 105 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17

80# White Gloss Text: gloss coated, 91 bright, 118 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11, 11x17, 12x18

100# White Gloss Text: gloss coated, 91 bright, 148 gsm, sizes: 12x18

Index & Cover - heavyweight papers

60# White Hammermill Cover: high quality, smooth finish, 100 bright, 163 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17

90# White Index Cover: economical cardstock, 92 bright, 163 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11, 11x17

80# White Cougar Opaque Cover: official UA stationary paper, 98 bright, 216 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11, 11x17

80# White Hammermill Cover: high quality, smooth finish, 100 bright, 216 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11, 11x17, 12x18

110# White Index: economical cardstock, 92 bright, 199 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11, 11x17

12pt White Photo Paper: gloss coated on 1 side, 91 bright, 250 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11, 11x17

100# White Gloss Cover: gloss coated, 91 bright, 270 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11, 11x17, 12x18

100# White Hammermill Cover: high quality, smooth finish, 100 bright, 271 gsm, sizes: 8.5x11, 11x17, 12x18

Specialty Papers

10mil Synthetic Polyester: water, heat, chemical, and tear-resistant, sizes: 12x18

Adhesive White Vinyl: , sizes: 8.5x11, 12x18

Matte vs Gloss Paper Not sure which paper stock to choose?

Matte Paper has a non-coated surface looks dull and lusterless. It is used in industry to produce good quality prints but it doesn't have a vibrant color finish. Matte paper is not glossy and therefore finger marks or glare from the sun are not a problem. A good use of matte paper would be indoors in which the lighting might cause reflections. Due to the non-reflective nature of this paper, it would be ideal. Disadvantages of matte papers include the fact they soak more ink into the paper, this will affect the sharpness of the image. When printing macro shots, portraits or other images that rely in small details, you may be better off using glossy paper.

Glossy Paper is the most common paper for printing photos. It produces a sharp and vibrant image. Glossy paper is also very smooth to touch. Disadvantages include the fact it is easy to mark them with fingerprints or dust. Glossy photos are best framed so that no dirt or fingerprints can touch the image. Glossy paper is also more reflective and shiny which is a problem if you plan to view the image in a sunny area. If you need your images to be as sharp as possible then you might want to think about using glossy paper.

All Fast Copy papers are considered to be matte finish unless specified as gloss.

Download our Paper Specification Sheet

This handy resource lists our paper from thinnest to thickest (or lightest to heaviest) and tells you the available paper sizes, the brightness, and recycled fiber content. You can also find recommended uses for each paper listed.

Click here to download a copy of our paper spec sheet.


Fast Copy is a digital printer, meaning all of our printing is done on digital presses and devices.  We often get the question - "What's better, offset or digital printing?" And our answer is always - "Well it depends!" So here is what it depends on, and here are the advantages and disadvantages of both. 

First, some print definitions:

Digital Printing - Images are digitally transferred to paper using lasers, positive and negative static charges and either dry toner or liquid suspended toner particles. No plates need to be created and varying images can be transferred to paper quickly and efficiently. Digital presses differ from standard laser printers in the tight tolerances they are kept in, technologies developed in the offset world, and the graphics arts software that controls them. They also offer sheet sizes up to 13"x19" and up the 350GSM in weight.

Offset Printing - An image is transferred, or "offset," from a plate, to a rubber blanket, to the sheet of paper where the ink is applied. Those inks can be a four color process (CMYK) or a combination of Pantone (SPOT) colors. The plate is created (using computer-to-plate technology) prior to printing and contains the printed image. Plates are created in separations for the colors being used. For example, if a 4 Color CMYK press is being used, four plates, one for each color is created. Because of set up, offset printing is intended for larger runs, with longer turnarounds.

Benefits of Digital Printing:

  • Fast Turnaround to meet tight deadlines
  • Fast Set Up and no Plate Creation
  • Less waste
  • Variable Data (VDP) is available
  • Because there is no costly set up, digital printing is cheaper for shorter runs (less than 5,000)
  • On Demand Printing is available
  • Sheet sizes up to 13" x 19"

Benefits of Offset Printing:

  • Slightly better image quality (although that is becoming more debatable as digital press technology advances)
  • Larger range of Media Handling (some offset presses can print on wood, plastic, cardboard, metal, and leather)
  • The higher the volume, the less expensive it is to print
  • Larger sheet size possible on larger presses

So how do you choose?

  • Quantity - If this is a long run print job with a very high quantity, than offset may be cheaper than digital. Small and medium runs may benefit from digital as there is no set up.
  • Turnaround - Digital will always be faster, and can help you meet deadlines. Offset printing will take longer, mainly because of press set up and plate creation.
  • Proofing - Because of setup an actual proof off an offset press is very expensive. With a digital press, a single sheet can be printed prior to the run, and then easily repeated once approved. If a proof is required, and the job can be run on a digital press, proofing would not be an issue.
  • Customization - VDP, On Demand and quick file changes are all possible using Digital Presses. These are either not available or as easy to accomplish on an offset press.
  • Color Matching - When using CMYK, Offset and Digital presses both produce similar results. When using pantone or SPOT colors, offset presses offer more accurate matching as the actual liquid color ink is used. However, digital presses can match a large number of Pantone colors by mixing CMYK. We offer color matching services to get an accurate match on a digital press. Documents designed using an RGB color space (such as office documents) will match better on a digital press as software controlling color matching accurately converts RGB to CMYK.
  • Paper Selection - Digital presses max out at 350GSM, while offset can go with heavier stock. Offset presses also offer larger sheet sizes and more substrates.

Whenever the answer is digital, be sure to use Fast Copy!  We use high-end digital presses at Fast Copy, and our team would be more than happy to give you a cost estimate and a proof of your file.  We can turn around the print job quickly and help you meet your deadline, and the best part is your money stays on UA campus to support student jobs, programs, and services!

Adobe InDesign Tips

All versions of InDesign are supported for both Apple Macintosh and Windows platforms. We have some basic tips that apply to all software versions and for both platforms, and you can read more by clicking below.

Adobe InDesign Tips

Finishing Options


We can staple sets up to 100 sheets (20# bond)

Laminating is the process of bonding a clear plastic film onto printed matter to protect it against stains, smudges, moisture, wrinkles, and tears. Greatly improves durability. Also enhances the vibrancy of the ink colors. Lamination is a popular choice for printed items that must endure heavy use, such as educational materials, flip charts, book covers, restaurant and bar menus, maps, and consumer displays.

We offer standard 3-hole drilling. Please inquire with our Help Desk for custom drilling.

Scoring is the process of adding a crease onto a sheet a paper to make for a crisp, clean fold. Scoring is almost always necessary when folding heavier paper stocks.

This is a perfect finishing option for flyers, leaflets, and other small items that you plan to distribute around campus. Let us shrink wrap your print job for you in sets of 250, 500, or a quantity of your choosing!

Padding is the process of applying a flexible glue along one edge of a stack of same-sized sheets. The glue dries and secures the sheets as a unit, but allows the topmost sheet to be easily removed as needed. In most cases, padded sheets incorporate a chipboard backer for rigidity. Common examples include notepads, memo pads, and order pads.

We offer an assortment of folding options. For best results, choose a paper with a gsm rating lower than 150. We can still fold heavier paper stocks, but we'll have to add scoring to the process to prevent cracking along your fold.

Designing brochures and other folded pieces can be tricky.
Click here for some tips on designing brochures.

We have machine cutters and rotary trimmers to make perfect, precision cuts to make your printed pieces look outstanding.

We have several binding options to choose from: Plastic Coil, Plastic Comb, Velo, and Tape Bind.

Plastic Coil

Plastic Comb



Perforated paper is paper that has had small holes punctured into it, allowing the paper to be separated at the point of perforation. One common example is often seen on invoices that have "tear off" return payment stubs. Other uses include tickets, coupons, and response cards.

Easel Backs are the easy and inexpensive choice for creating a display that stand on its own, perhaps on a counter or table top. Self Adhesive Easel Backs are the easy and inexpensive choice for this purpose. They come in white and also a double wing for added support.

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