File/Media Formats

As you can imagine, there are thousands of computer applications in use. These applications each save their files in a certain way.

Key things to remember when sending us files:

  • Include all the screen and vector fonts you used in the design and all supporting images. This is the number one problem printers have with files.

  • Please make sure all images and documents are in CMYK color space.

  • If there is a Spot Pantone please make sure it is specified.

  • Please ensure all images are at least 300 dpi at thier final size.

  • If sending a file created in a drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator, embed all images and create outlines for fonts. No fonts or linked images need be sent once this is completed.

  • If the document has bleed, please make sure it extends 1/16 of an inch from the trims.

  • Please make the document size is the same size of the flat printed piece. Or specify what percentage to use for output

    Supported Programs