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To send us a PDF, jpg, gif, tiff or eps file, simply click on the "Send File" button to the left. To send us anything else, simply follow our instructions below. We can accept files created in ANY Mac or Windows application. .

 Once you have completed the download (Step 1 and Step 2 below, only necessary for first time users), open up the file you want printed, select the File menu's Print option (You already do this when you print a copy on your inkjet or laser printer). Then change the printer to the one named "CopyNet Online" and click OK or Print. That's it! Your file and job requirements will be safely sent to us. From then on, you can print to "CopyNet Online" the same way you would to your personal printer (Epson, HP etc. ). It is that easy!

Questions? Please call us at 423-926-6299.

Step 1.

Download LAUNCH! Installer

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Step 3.

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